8:04 a.m. :: April 22, 2009
Casual, Random Sex

I Like It Random And Casusal

Do you remember? We met at the gym. I was on the stair stepper, you were next to me on a treadmill.

You said I had nice legs. I said you had amazing eyes.

You fucked me in the Sauna, hard, and long. I was worried someone would walk in -- which made it all the more exciting for you.

You were hard, long, and I was slick, tight and wet. The combination --amazing.

As I came you put your hand over my mouth to muffle my screams which made me scream all the more -- I remember thinking what a risk I was taking you by fucking you bare back.

I didn't care.

Your power, your strength, thrusting inside of me, over and over and over again.

Just recounting it causes my pelvis to ache.

And then it was over -- there was no awkardness, no "I'll call you's" we both knew what it was. It was just random, casual sex.

I kissed you on the mouth, and drew your lower lip in to mine.

I didn't even say goodbye as I went to shower and leave the gym.

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