11:57 a.m. :: 2008-05-29
For Your Eyes Only

My husband had always expressed his desire to watch me masturbate. I had tried it so many times, and not once was I able to relax enough, so I could just let go and pleasure myself for him. This was a source of frustration for me and no doubt for my husband, but not once did he complain, he always reassured me that it was ok and that we could find plenty of other activities to drive each other wild with passion and lust.

It wasn't an issue when I was by myself; I was able to take my time exploring my body, taking it to the edge of ecstasy and back. I felt no pressure when I was on my own. I wanted so much to make this fantasy come true for my husband, so I set about coming up with a compromise.

I waited for him to go to work and as I waved him goodbye for the day, I stood there thinking about what I had planned and hoped that the end result was going to be a satisfactory one for both of us.

I went back upstairs, changed the linen on our bed and tidied our room. I wanted the setting to be perfect. I then set up our video camera, which had only been used once or twice for vacations we had been on. I laughed to myself thinking I bet my husband didn't think our camera would be used for what I had planned when he purchased it. I made sure that I positioned the camera to capture everything that was going to happen upon our bed.

I then walked over to the wardrobe and took out a small, red leather case that I had stored right at the back. It was something that my husband didn't know about. I opened the brass latches on it and took out an assortment of toys that I purchased for my own sexual gratification and placed them on one of the pillows on our bed. The last item that I took out of the case was a strap on dildo, it had never been used and I had to think of how I was going to use it seeing that I was by myself. I decided to leave that until last and thought that I would somehow find a way.

Once everything was prepared, I walked into the bathroom and took a nice, hot shower. I lathered up my pussy and took a razor blade to the small amount of pubic hair that was left on it after waxing the day before. I was nervous and really took my time, I sure as hell didn't want to cut myself. I persevered with it and before long I was shaved completely clean. I ran my fingers over my smoothness and circled two of them around my clit, which was already hard from just thinking about my next move. I stood in the shower for about 15 minutes, finger fucking myself, wishing in a way that my husband was there with his hard cock inside of me, pumping me while I was pushed up against the shower wall. "Damn it!" I said out loud, I had to stop as I had other plans, I didn't want to cum, not yet, that had to be saved for the camera that was waiting out in our bedroom.

I dried myself off, then did my hair and make up, I wanted to look the part for my husband. I straightened my long, dark brown hair and put on just enough make up to accentuate my big, blue eyes and full, soft, rose, colored lips, not to mention enhance my ivory skin, which I did by dusting myself with a subtle bronzing powder. I then walked over to the camera and pressed record. I could feel my heart racing but the desire to make my husband happy and turned on surpassed any feelings of nervousness that I had.

I got onto the bed and laid back onto the pillows, running my hands down my naked form, feeling the softness of my skin, slowing touching every curve, taking my time to caress my beautiful breasts, gently squeezing my soft pink nipples. I stopped for a moment and looked directly at the camera and said as if my husband was right there, "This is for your eyes only baby."

I slowly parted my legs, which showed off every part of my freshly shaven pussy. I took one of my hands and spread my lips wide open, with my other hand I started to pinch my clit, not hard, just enough to arouse myself more by the sensation it was sending through my body. I was so wet, my fingers slid along my pussy with ease. I guided two of them inside; it felt so fucking good. I moved my hips and started fucking my fingers, I was moaning softly as my pelvis moved in time with each thrust I made. Slowly I took my fingers out and started sucking them, all the while looking at the camera, my long brown hair tickling my breasts as it swept against them making my nipples go even harder. My body aching, longing for my husbandís touch, I wanted him there so much, but I had to keep going.

I reached over and took one of the toys, it was a vibrator. I got up on my knees and made sure that my wet pussy and ass where within full view of the camera. I took the vibrator and slid it along my moistened lips, then pushed it all the way in. I was really getting into it, fucking myself with the vibrator, taking it all. I wanted so desperately to cum, but held off yet again, I wanted to fuck myself even more! My pussy, even my ass. My husband had to see me in a way he never had before.

I took the vibrator out of my pussy and reached for another one, this one had a clit stimulator on it, as well as an anal one. I grabbed some lube and poured it down between my ass cheeks, it was so cold, but it felt fantastic, it sent tingles right throughout my body. I closed my eyes and imagined that my husband was using this toy on me. I slowly slid the silicone cock inside of my now dripping wet cunt. I turned it on as I started to push it in further, the clit stimulator was gently humming against my rock hard clit, I pushed it in further and I could feel the anal stimulator making its way into my tight ass. The feelings were so intense, my body started to shake as I started slowly fucking myself. I could feel the climax building within me, it wasnít just my pussy that wanted to explode I felt like my entire body was going to erupt.

I could feel my juices running down my thighs, I was yelling out my husbandís name, telling him to fuck me harder. My clit was so hard and tight, I screamed so loudly as I tore into the fiercest orgasm I'd ever had. My pussy contracted around the vibrator, my ass did the same, god I didn't know what was better. All I knew is that I was in a state of sheer bliss, the orgasm made my thighs tingle and tighten. I screamed out so loudly as the orgasm hit its peak. I didn't even care if the neighbours heard me. "So what?" I thought.

I gently pulled the vibrator out and allowed myself a few moments to catch my breath. Was I going to be able to have another orgasm like this one? It was at that moment I knew what to do with the strap on cock. I buckled it to the end of our bed, against the iron bars, I knew they would come in handy for more than we had ever used them for and today was going to be that day. The strap on cock was at the perfect level, I had to get up and reposition the camera so it would get some real, extreme close up action for my husband. My body felt so good, I was so turned on by doing this for my man.

I kneeled on the bed in front of the camera and ran my hands all over the front of my body again, I then got on all fours and lined my pussy up with the cock that was lashed to the end of our bed, standing at attention waiting for me. I backed up and pushed myself onto it. "OH GOD!" I yelled out as I started to ride it, giving it all that I had to give. The camera recording my smooth pussy lips stretched apart by the large silicone cock, my juices all over it, sliding up and down, fucking it like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my body starting to tense up, I knew I was going to orgasm again, but I wanted to keep fucking the dildo, my body was bucking up against it, hard. I squeezed my clit between my fingers and gripped the cock hard as my cunt started to contract again. It felt like the orgasm was starting at my feet, sending shockwaves of sexually charged energy right throughout my body. I screamed out loudly again as I came, I had never been this wet before, not even the times I had pleasured myself in the past.

I felt my body go limp with exhaustion. I slid myself off of the strap on cock and lay back on the bed, just gently playing with my pussy. I finished off by licking and sucking the sweet juices off of my long fingers, feeling more than satisfied with my performance.

I sat up and looked at the camera once again and blew my husband a kiss, saying, "Hope you enjoyed the show babe," and then turned the camera off.

I cleaned myself up, and put everything away. My husband was going to be home later that night. I wasn't sure how to present him with the tape; it was going to be hours before he got home. So I thought I'd take a chance and organise a courier to deliver it to him at his office. I packed it so it didn't look like a tape, I sure as hell didn't want it falling into the wrong hands. When the courier turned up I gave him the address for delivery and waited.

2 hours had gone by when the phone finally rang. It was my husband, he sounded out of breath, I knew he had seen the tape and I was confident it had more than the desired effect. All he could say was, "Oh my god baby, you are so hot!" and in his next breath, "I'm on my way home."

I couldn't wait for him to get home. I smiled to myself for I knew that I was in for some serious lovemaking and fucking once he got home.

But that is another story altogether.

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