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Best Friends for Life

Best Friends for Life

by BrettJ © 2006

From the moment they met in Kindergarten, Alex Adams and Michelle Yin became fast friends.

Michelle was Alex's protector that day. He was being menaced by a particularly large Second-Grader. Michelle, whose family were quite proficient in the Martial Arts, kicked the crap out of the other boy. The little thug ran away in sheer terror.

They were inseparable after that. No one could say a bad word about his friend to Alex. The two-month older Michelle became his constant companion and playmate.

Other kids in their whitebread-school wouldn't have much to do with the pretty Vietnamese girl. Not Alex. He spent as much time with her as he could. He spent nearly every recess with her, only occasionally playing football or some other game.

By the Seventh Grade, Alex was nearing 6 foot tall, towering over the tiny, 5'2” tall Michelle. He was playing more football, she was into her Martial Arts and linguistics. But they still saw each other every day, talked most nights.

In High School, they still hung out. Alex was playing quite a lot of football now, he was taking it very seriously. Michelle came to every game and cheered him on. He went to every one of her Judo or Kickboxing tournaments and did the same.

He took a pretty blonde named Julie to the Senior Prom and arranged for his friend Jamie to take Michelle. He couldn't see why Jamie was reluctant, couldn't he see what a doll Michelle was? Julie was almost pissed at him for talking with Michelle so much that night, but he and his best friend always enjoyed each other's company.

Michelle was overjoyed to see her best friend and his date crowned King and Queen of the prom. She made him promise her a dance though, as if she even had to ask.

College was the first time the friends were ever separated. Alex went on a football scholarship, Michelle was heavy into the study of languages. Both missed each other, but talked on the phone every weekend. Michelle was always bugging him, why was he so hesitant to make a commitment to Julie? They were hot and heavy now, their sex life wild and uninhibited. It puzzled some of their friends how they could be so open about their sex lives. Michelle had been a tad more experimental, she didn't want to settle down. No one, male or female – and Michelle had been open to girl-on-girl experiences – had caught her fancy.

“I can't answer that one Shelle” Alex told her over the phone. “Julie's wild in the sack, she's pretty and fun to be with. But when I think of settling down with her – ahhh, maybe I'm just one of those guys who is afraid of commitment.”

“I know what you mean” Michelle said on the other end. “My folks are always bugging me about settling down and giving them grandbabies.”

Alex sighed. “Yeah, mine too.”

“Parents!” both said simultaneously and broke out laughing.

Post-college, Alex moved in with Julie. He blew out his knee shortly before graduation, but was offered the Head Coach job at their old High School. The money was quite good, he could stay in the area he loved, so he accepted. Not two months later, Michelle took on the position as head of the Language Department at the same school The two friends celebrated their reunion by having lunch. It became a daily thing.

Julie bitched about it constantly, which was getting on Alex's nerves, and he told her so. She didn't seem happy with him. Alex suspected that, in part, she'd hitched her wagon to his rising star, expecting him to play Pro Ball. When that went south, Julie became a bit more distant.

Michelle was his support system, as she always had been. He wasn't the type to cry, but Michelle knew he wasn't happy. “So, getting any?” she teased him over Pizza.

“Not friggin' much, compared to the post-High School wildcat I was with” he sighed deeply. “Julie's not a bad person Shelle, I just think I proved to be a disappointment to her. I let her down.”

A brief surge of fire appeared in Michelle. “Listen, sometimes life has a way of taking us in another direction. If Julie can't handle that, that's her issue, not yours. She needs to get over it.”

Alex gave her a faint smile. “You're right, I know you are. Don't think Julie is gonna see it that way, though.”

Alex proved to be right. Not two weeks later, Julie announced it was over. Five years together was enough, she wasn't his wife, seeya pal, have a nice life. She packed up her stuff and was out the door.

Alex was a mass of confusion. He felt he should be devastated, but he really wasn't. He called Michelle, of course. Her voice on the phone cheered him up at once.

“Bring over some of that good Scotch I gave you last Christmas, we'll have a nice dinner and share a few. My latest .... “ Michelle sighed “ ... well, she bailed on me a few days ago.”

Alex had never liked Michelle's latest lover, Andrea, who she'd met at a Bi-Nightclub Michelle liked to attend. Andrea had been there with her boyfriend, Karl. After a few weeks, Andrea had split with Karl and began sleeping with and --- doing wilder things --- with Michelle.

“So, where did Andrea go?” Alex asked her.

“Silly bitch, she went back to Karl.” Michelle sighed. “Yeah, that'll last.” Michelle snorted derisively. “What a pair we are, huh?”

“Yup. Okay Shelle, I'll be over in an hour.”

“Seeya then tiger.”

Karl showered, put on a nice turtleneck and tan slacks. He brushed his brown hair, found the scotch and got in his car to make the trip to Michelle's. He hoped one day that someone would realize what a great lady Michelle was, she was too special to end up alone.

Shit, who was he to talk? He wasn't swimming in the deep end of the babe pool either, right?

Jeez, he hoped they weren't gonna get TOO sauced tonight. Alex and Michelle both had to work in the morning.

It was a nice evening out, so he put down the top to his convertible on the drive over to Michelle's. Julie had hated it, she said it “messed up her hair.” Man, did they ever have anything in common?

Arriving at Michelle's, she buzzed him up. She met Alex at the door and kissed him on the cheek. Dressed in black, she looked great, as usual. She'd let her black hair grow long again, Alex told her it always looked better that way. The apartment already smelled of pasta, Alex used to tease her about being an Asian girl with a passion for Italian.

He sunk into the plush leather couch, while Michelle poured drinks into glass tumblers. She sat across from him in the other matching chair. “So, aren't we a pair?” she said brightly.

He laughed. “Yeah, well I can't say I much liked Andrea.”

Michelle smiled, perfect white teeth gleaming. “I never cared much for Julie, either.”


Michelle nodded. “She isn't a bad person, she's just not YOUR person.”

“My person?”

Michelle took a sip of scotch from her tumbler. “I'll know when your person comes along hun. Julie wasn't her.”

Alex snorted. “You think you know me that well, huh?”

Michelle took another drink. “Yes. YOUR person will see how sweet you are, how loving and supportive, she'll be proud of your accomplishments and encourage you in your coaching and academic career. That, my friend, was NOT Julie.”

Alex certainly had to agree with her on that. “Yeah. Guess we just spinning our wheels, weren't we?”

Michelle nodded, taking another sip. “Yup. Think you know ME well enough to know MY person?”

Alex took another drink of Scotch. “I know I do, Shelle. Someone who won't be threatened by you. Someone who respects your strength, your keen mind and the fact that you're very sexy. Someone ... “ Alex stopped cold.

“Jeez, are we the two stupidest people in the world or what?”

Michelle looked at him blankly for a minute, then her face went wide. It was as if someone had shone a light on them both.

“D'you think anyone else knows this?”

“Nope Shelle, but jeez, it should have been obvious.”

Alex stood up, Michelle followed suit. They met in the middle of the room, standing there for a second. It seemed like an eternity, but was likely only a few minutes. Alex moved forward, placed his hands on either side of her beautiful face and kissed her, softly. Gently. Taking in a new feeling, the racing of his heart, the softness of her against him. It felt wonderful, electric, and oh-so right.

Michelle felt, from second one, like she was where she ought to be. She could feel the tears coming freely, but didn't try to stop them. How could they both have been such idiots for so long? Alex was the only one for her, and she for him. Their entire lives had been leading up to this minute.

She giggled a little through her tears, Alex lifted her face up under her chin and asked “What's so funny?”

“I think we may be having a very late dinner.”

Alex smiled. “Or breakfast.”

Michelle nodded. Alex did something romantic, he reached over and scooped up her tiny frame in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck, she felt like she was where she belonged. Michelle kissed him on the ear and said “You know where the bedroom is, you've been here before.” She snuggled in closer as he carried her towards the bedroom.

Michelle's taste was evident in her bedroom. Some of her heritage was evident in the decorations, but it didn't overpower the room. The huge, double bed had a warm, deep red bedspread, a firm mattress. He placed her on the bed and turned the lights on, using the dimmer switch. She scooched upwards on the bed and looked over at him, her eyes filled with a newfound love – no, that wasn't right – a newly DISCOVERED love for this man she had known for so long.

“Get over here, goofy!” she giggled at him.

“Goofy, huh?” he laughed, joining her on the bed.

“Uh-huh” Michelle said, unbuttoning his shirt. His chest was still firm, despite not being an athlete, he still kept in shape. She admired his discipline, they had that in common. They were such a perfect fit. Alex had been right, they had been stupid. No longer. Her nails raked across his chest, he let out a little hiss.

“Oh baby, am I hurting you?”

“God no, that feels wonderful.” Hearing that, she drew her nails further along his exposed chest, kissing where her nails left tiny red streaks. She could see Alex's entire face light up in pleasure, it made her want to do even more.

“Hey beautiful, howcome I'm the only one of us even partially naked?”

She smiled, almost shyly. Alex found that endearing. In Michelle's own mind, it was a bit intimidating. The man she loved was going to see her naked for the first time. He moved closer to Michelle and began to unbutton the black silk blouse. Her bra covered her breasts, it was black and lacy, suiting her perfectly. She reached behind and unhooked it, her breasts coming into view. Tiny and delicate, they were beautiful, all of her was so exquisitely formed. It felt to him like a new discovery, yet one he had been aware of all along.

Alex leaned in and kissed one breast, then the other, the tips of his fingers barely grazing her skin. She let out a pleased sigh and he placed his tongue on one pink nipple, then the other. He kissed her softly on each bud and saw nothing but happiness shining on her lovely face.

“Idiots!” they both said at the same time, and laughed uproariously.

Michell's patience was waning. She unbuckled Alex's belt and yanked his pants off, the boxers following in short order. He was pretty impressive down there too. Despite not having been with a man for a while, Michelle still appreciated a nice cock. She took it in her hand and squeezed it.

He let out a slight groan. “Hey lady, take it easy. I might need that.”

Michelle giggled again, playfully. “Oh stud, I can guarantee you're going to need it. So am I!” Saying that, she ovalled her lips and slipped them over his meaty shaft. She went right down to the balls and back up again, relishing the feeling of having him in her mouth.

Seeing her take his cock, seeing her dark eyes sparkle as she sucked his dick, Alex had never felt such joy, nor lust. Michelle had this slithery technique for cocksucking, she swirled her tongue all around it, laying it flat against his dick. He felt his cock throb with desire, but he was in no hurry. He wanted all of this night to be memorable.

Michelle loved having him inside her lips. She fought the urge to have him cum in her mouth, to taste the seed of this man she loved so much. Over 20 years! How could they have wasted so much time? No more!

Once again, she raked her fingernails along his skin, getting another groan of sheer bliss to escape from his lips. “Woman, you're killing me!” Alex groaned aloud.

“Don't worry, I'll resurrect you!” Michelle giggled. She moved away from her lover and removed her little black dress, only clad in tiny lacy panties. She started to remove those, but Alex beckoned no?

“They're kinda sexy!” he grinned. “Come here and I'll prove it!”

Michelle moved up on the bed and Alex grabbed her hips, she was now straddling his face. He pulled the tiny panties aside and began to eat her pussy, with precision and skill. His few hours of stubble felt very nice against her neatly-trimmed pussy and she could feel her juices flow onto Alex's lapping tongue.

Foreplay had always been Michelle's favorite part of sex, it was one of the reasons she often had chosen female lovers. Women were so pretty to look at, that was true enough. But it was their consideration, taking their time to play, kiss, lick, that endeared them to Michelle. She didn't think she could ever find that in a man, but now, she had.

Alex was enjoying every second of eating Michelle's sweet pussy. He relished every drop of her sweet juices, he enjoyed how responsive she was to his feasting. From time to time, she would tighten her thighs around his head, he just continued eating the sweet treat.

“Oh God, oh dear God” she moaned as Alex continued to taste her. She came under his licking tongue, collapsing forward on the bed. She rolled off of her lover and smiled over at him.

“No fair, you made me cum!” she grinned.

“Okay, and that isn't fair, why?” he grinned back.

“I didn't get to make you cum, Alex” she said with a mock pout.

“If I cum darlin', it's game over for a while” he shot back.

“You haven't been in MY bed for very long baby, you'll see!” Michelle responded teasingly.

“I hope I will.” Both of them knew. There was no turning back, not that either of them wanted to. The final bond had occurred, they were joined forever. Feelings that should have been given voice years earlier were now out in the open.

“Okay Shelle, why don't you get on top of me and we'll really get moving?”

“What makes you think I want to be on top?”

“I know you, don't I?”

He sure did. Michelle loved being on top, she could be wild and in control. Alex was secure enough in his own masculinity to let her do what she wanted, she already loved that about him. She slid off her tiny panties, now totally nude before him.

Michelle mounted his hard cock, it felt so perfect in her hot little cunt, she felt packed! Alex ran his hand over her stomach, flat and sleek, not an ounce of fat on her tiny frame. She began to move on top of his big dick, his cock began to move forward inside of her. “Okay stud, fuck me!” she growled.

“Oh Shelle, let's go slow, I don't want to hurt you” he said cautiously.

“Lover, you've seen me take kicks to the face, don't worry, you won't hurt me!” Michelle teased him.

Michelle was right, Alex knew, he was being silly. He had been to virtually all of her kickboxing competitions, he knew she was a very tough, yet still feminine, lady. “Okay lady, want me to fuck you with all burners on?” he growled.

Michelle nodded, still riding his rapidly-thickening cock. “Yep stud, fuck the shit out of me!” she yelled.

Alex did as his Michelle commanded. He arched forward on the bed and drove his cock deep within the recesses of her cunt. She let out a scream, but Alex knew it wasn't a scream of pain, it was a scream of passion. She began rocking her hips forward, her pussy practically inhaling his rod. While she continued fucking him, Michelle raked his flesh with her fingernails. In return, Alex used his hands to gently massage her tiny, delicate breasts. It was a nice contrast with the hard fucking, his gentle, feather-light caresses on her flesh.

Alex was concentrating hard on pleasing his best friend – it was getting harder to think of her that way, though. Michelle felt so – right – as his lover, like this had been destined all along. As he continued to play with her, his cock buried deep inside of her, he felt feelings he'd never known previously.

“Ride me baby!” he yelled out to her. In the dimly-lit room, the unmistakable beauty of Michelle was evident. The lighting complimented her beautiful face and figure. Michelle's nipples were hard little pegs, her dark hair flying every which way as she pumped her pussy against his invading prick. Alex didn't think he'd ever seen anything so beautiful.

“I'm riding you stud, I'm fucking you!” Michelle screamed back. She couldn't believe it, Alex had aged well. If anything, he was more attractive than he'd been in his college or High School days.

Fucking him? Migod, she was KILLING him, but what a way to go!

“Okay darling, how about a little change?” Michelle asked him.

“What do you have in mind?” he asked her, up for anything the sexy minx desired.

“Take me like your little bitch baby!” Michelle said, wiggling her ass as she got into position. “Bow-Wow lover, fuck me and make me yours!”

That sounded good to Alex, so he moved in behind her and prepared to guide his still-rock solid dick into her eager, wet pussy. She was soaked, the lips of her pussy glistening erotically, beckoning him into her horny cunt. The more he looked at her, the more Alex knew he'd likely never tire of fucking Michelle.

Alex entered her slowly at first, still not wanting to hurt her. Yet, with every inch of his cock that sunk into her, Michelle groaned pleasurably and seemed to be enjoying it more. Once he was balls-deep in her cunt, he began to thrust a bit harder and faster, she in turn, matched his thrusts by moving backwards on his cock.

“Oh God, that's heaven, FUCK ME!” Michelle cried out as he shoved his thick shaft deep within her. He fucked in and out, in and out, keeping a constant pace, a constant rhythm that was arousing her more and more. From time to time, he got inventive, slapping her ass as he fucked her.

“Oh God, YESSSS, that's the way baby, FUCK ME, fuck the HELL out of that cunt!” she growled as Mark ploughed deeper within her walls. She used all the skills at her command to give her man the ride of his life, so he'd never want to stop screwing her!

“Like it, don't you Shelle?” he said through gritted teeth. “Like the way my big cock feels in your tiny, wet pussy?”

“Fuck yeahhhh! Oh yeahhh, sooo good, such a good cock!!” Michelle sighed, lost in an erotic fog. He felt so perfect there, like he belonged deep inside of her body. She squeezed her pussy around his shaft and heard his groans as he swatted her ass again and moved back and forth.

“Are you up for one more change, darlin'?” Alex asked her. Seeing the assent in her beautiful dark eyes, he pulled out and moved her up to the head of the bed. Looking up at him with love-filled eyes, she gave her silent permission.

He fucked her in the missionary position now, her slender legs and tiny feet locked around Alex's back as he drilled his cock deeper and deeper within her. Still wanting to be an active partipant, she raked her nails deep into the flesh of his back, leaving tiny red welts, a symbol of her passion. Their bodies slapped together, they were in sexual bliss as they fucked each other's brains out.

Alex was close, he knew that, but he wanted Michelle to have her climax first. He needn't have worried. “Damn, I'm CUMMINGGGG!!” she yelled, as if giving him the signal to join her. He did just that, letting his cum flood the walls of her hot pussy.

After cleaning each other up, they snuggled together in bed, more blissful than either had imagined they could ever be. Alex joked “What a way to build an appetite”, referring to the dinner neither of them had eaten yet.

Michelle snuggled into the crook of his arms, happy. “We'll have to work up an appetite for breakfast, too!” she joked. “How do you like your eggs?”

Alex grinned, then nodded. “I think we should take a personal day tomorrow. Neither one of us is going to want to teach class in the morning.”

Less than six months later, Alex Adams and Michelle Yin stood in front of their closest friends and families and took their vows. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Alex went first, trying desperately not to tear up.

“Michelle, from the very first time I saw you, I knew you were unique. There is no one like you, nor will there ever be. You are the only one for me. You are my best friend, my partner, and now, my wife. With this ring, I take thee as my lawfully wedded spouse.”

Then it was Michelle's turn. She let her tears flow, not caring what anyone thought.

“Alex, I have never known anyone like you. You allow me to shine, as a person, as your friend. You take all that I can give, and make me proud of who I am. You are my best friend, my partner and my rock. Now, you will be my husband. With this ring, I take thee as my lawfully wedded spouse.”

As Michelle and Alex shared their first kiss as husband and wife, the only thing their respective parents could think was “It's about time!”

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